Sep 16

New Survival Still Announced!

New SS Web Medium 300x262 New Survival Still Announced!I am proud to announce a new Survival Still that I am launching soon on the website

The Survival Still is designed as an emergency water distiller for 1st world countries. It works the same way as the product that you see in the original video, but it has a different design. This Survival Still will allow anyone to have a permanent supply of safe drinking water during an emergency. With it, you can take any water, including ocean water and microbiologically contaminated water and turn it into sterile, high-purity water, forever. It is the ultimate emergency water purification system. It will make you water-independent during an emergency.

Just to be clear here, Survival is a for-profit site, but it has tremendous relevance to the Pure Water Revolution. For one thing, the technology can be used for Pure Water Revolution, and as we generate more and more sales in first world countries, we will be able to lower the cost, significantly.

Secondly, my for profit business will allow me to self-fund the non-profit business and it will allow me to spend more time devoted to the Pure Water Revolution.

So here’s what I ask. Please help me spread the word, and if you are interested, purchase one for yourself and for your loved ones. I believe that every home in the USA should have one of these products stored away in case of an emergency. It’s just as important as the non-profit.

Thank you for your support!

Glenn Meder

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    Glenn Meder

    Glenn Meder is the founder of the Pure Water Revolution and the inventor of the Survival Still. Glenn is a writer and long-time educator about water purity.

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